Self help in Norway 2009

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National Report written for the European Expert Meeting for Self-Help in Berlin, 2009


Self-help in Norway

Since 2004 Norway have had a National Plan for self-help. The implementation of the plan started for real in 2006 with the National Nodal Point for Self-Help (Self-help Norway, The main objectives for the plan are as follows:

”The overriding objective of the national plan is to strengthen the self-help work. This endeavour aims to ensure that previous experience from self-help-related work and projects is brought into use and further developed, and to strengthen the self-help work in existing networks. At an overarching level, the plan is intended to help build up and pave the way for structures that ensure the self-help work is strengthened and continued after 2006. The objective is to make self-help as a method available to more people, to promote systematic method development and knowledge about self-help, and to be instrumental in ensuring that the self-help tool can be used in mental and psychological health work, both by the users and the helpers/professionals.”

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