National plan for self-help (2014-2018)

National plan for self-help (2014-2018)

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Published by The Norwegian Directorate of Health, The National Plan for Self-Help offers guiding principles to anyone who wants to work with self-help in Norway.

The first edition was published in 2004, and revised in 2014. The revised plan is only available in Norwegian, so far.


Good health and a good life is not just about absence of disease. It is also about being able to cope and deal with everyday life, also when facing life problems or disease. Self-help is based on the individual’s desire to take charge of a problem they’re struggling with. The vision for the National Self-Help Initiative is for the public to know what self-organized self-help is, and how to use this tool when life problems occur.

Self-help Norway, the National Resource Center, has the responsibility for knowledge dissemination, while The Directorate of Health has the overall responsibility for implementation of the plan. The plan applies to the time period 2014 to 2018.

The plan will serve as guiding principles for those who want to work with, or facilitate, self-organized self-help within municipalities, the health care system or organizations. The plan also provides the most important experiences and developments regarding self-organized self-help the previous ten years. It also outlines how this work should be carried out the coming years, on national, regional and local levels.

Download the Norwegian version here.